TV Journal Assignment #5

Since I started watching this TV program I can’t sleep and I can’t wait one week again to watch another episode because at each end, it shows a big suspense. The suspense shows clues that the next episode talks about. I learn a lot of things from watching this program like everywhere you are you always need a leader. Otherwise, chaos will appear in the group. Everyone has different qualities and you have to use them in a good way. I suggest this TV program to anyone who likes to follow a good story about a mystery island and a beautiful girl name Kate. The authors of this series always show a situation that surprise us and put the characters in a mysterious environment.

Hearts and minds- John Lock

People were thinking we were going into the jungle to hunt but we were interested in other things. While I was teaching Boone to hunt, we saw some prints near a river and they drove us to a special thing. I found a metallic trap in the island ground; it became our first priority. I took two days to understand how to open this door because it was closed with no handle. I worked my logic and tried some actions like Michelangelo’s theories. I thought when we think for a long moment, we always find a solution.
At the same time, Boone had more trouble with his sister and I had to do something for him. He wanted to tell her our secret about the door in the jungle. I took precious time out of my day to explain to him how to react with his sister but he didn’t listen to me; I struck him. I applied cream that I had prepared earlier in the morning. This cream will create fakes emotions, illusions and imaginations. I used it only to help him.
During this experience Boone had to take off the wires that attached him. Shannon was attached to a tree too and the thing attacked her. Boone had to make the right decision. This challenge was to take off his fears.

During this day, I spent some good time at the beach. It permitted me to think and analyse the situation. At the end of the day, suddenly Boone tried to kill me because I was responsible for his hallucinations. I explained to him that the island was trying to send us a message.

LOST Episode 1

What did you do if you were sitting into an aircraft that crashed on a lost island?

Jack woke up in the middle of the jungle and he didn't remember how it was arriving. He tried to get out the jungle when he saw suddenly the crash on the beach. He ran to the beach to help the survivors. Everybody tried to get out from danger because one engine still running and the fuselage wastes wasn't safety. Everyone did possible to help each others. Jack helped a lot of people by practice medicine, create organization in the group and lead it. In the group, there were all kind of people; young boy, pregnant woman, Koreans, Africans, strange guys, prisoner, doctor and more are taking place in the story later.

The second problem was starting when suddenly the rain and the night fell and some kind of giant animal was walking thru the jungle into the night. They didn't know what is it but they were all nervous. They decided to search the cockpit section, when the sun arose, to find transceiver. They will try to throw signal for the rescue.

Jack, Kate and Charlie went to find the cockpit but something was waiting them; they fell right on the strange thing.


It's my first time to watch an English TV program. The choice was gigantic but i made my choiced.

My TV is called LOST; the popular program about survivors on a lost isalnd. I chose this type of TV program because I'm interested in how people can survive after an air crash. It shows how they can stay together and the basic human instinc too. To resume, they are all nervous because a strange thing walks on the lost island. They have to deal with it during they are trying to survive .
The main character of the show name Jack and the second main character of the series name Kate. Lately, we met another caracters and their history before the crash.